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Terpene rich industrial hemp flower buds arranged on clear plate.
Magnified view of terpene rich industrial hemp flower buds arranged on clear plate.
Industrial hemp lab results highlighting CBD potency and ∆9-THC levels below federal legal limit.

Bubblegum Hemp Flower

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Our Premium Hemp flower is by far the best flower on the market. This flower has been processed to be the highest end flower on the market from bag appeal, smell, to potency. Each flower product will be packaged in a smell proof Mylar bag.


  • Berry - Fruity and berry nose
  • Bubblegum - Sweet, candy, and floral notes
  • Lemon - Reminiscent of super lemon haze with a sweet lemon flavor
  • Orange - Delicious orange flavor that is liking biting into a fresh orange
  • Smoking Haze - Profile similar to the original skunk haze with a sweet funk
  • Spice - Bright spicy notes

 This variety was grown with a tremendous amount of love by Valentine Family Farm in Rutherford County,TN.